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Fast Fashion Jewelry or Luxury Brand? But why do we have to choose?

Studdedheartz was born from one simple dilemma...

In my university days, I (Elly) discovered my love for jewelry and accessorizing. I was drawn to the elegance and simplicity of dainty pieces that could elevate any outfit. However, as a young person, I found myself gravitating towards cheap fast-fashion jewelry, only to be disappointed by their short lifespan. It was disheartening to see some of my rings tarnish within a week.

Being someone who rarely takes off her jewelry, I decided to search for higher quality pieces online. To my surprise, finding well-made jewelry without breaking the bank proved to be quite challenging.

Driven by this dilemma, I began crafting jewelry for myself. I sourced high quality findings and metals, assembled them, and started wearing my creations daily - even in the shower and at the gym. These pieces lasted much longer compared to my previous jewelry.

This experience made me realize that we shouldn't have to choose between cheap metals and luxury karat gold. There is a middle ground where affordability and quality intersect.

From my little dorm room, I founded Studdedheartz, and the rest is history. As our company continues to grow, we now operate from a small studio in PMQ, Central, Hong Kong. Our dedicated team of three individuals make, processes, and ships all of our orders.

And that's our story - humble but cherished. :)

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2014 APRIL

founded studdedheartz and started our PInkoi Online Store

At this time Elly was still in university and only was doing this for fun(and very little money haha). She was joining weekend markets and making everything by hand. FUN TIMES!


Quittd her full time job and started her first pop up store at D2 Place

Our very first pop-up store at D2 was a few tables and chairs some foam boards and A LOT OF HANDMADE GOODIES! It wasn't the most fancy but definitely was magical!


Started our PMQ studio and hysan place popup

After the first pop-up Elly became a "SLASH", working 2 part time jobs + managing Studdedheartz on the side. When covid hits, she decided to quit all her part time jobs and finally start doing Studdedheartz full time.


LCX Pop-up store

Our very first pop-up in kowloon and it's our first store in a major mall in Hong Kong.