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Article: Top 5 Shops to visit at PMQ When Traveling to Hong Kong

Top 5 Shops to visit at PMQ When Traveling to Hong Kong

Top 5 Shops to visit at PMQ When Traveling to Hong Kong

When visiting Hong Kong and you're likely the type to seek out historical sites and learn more about the city's rich cultural heritage. PMQ (Police Married Quarters), is one such destination located right in the heart of Central.

PMQ offers the perfect blend of old & new – wander the charming alleyways, snap photos, sample local delicacies and shop for unique knick-knacks – speaking of knick-knacks, here are the top 5 shops you must not miss when visiting PMQ!

If you love high-quality yet affordable jewelry, you won't want to miss visiting our store. We offer truly one-of-a-kind pieces that you're sure to adore, making them perfect for treating yourself or gifting to loved ones.

But that's not all – we also carry a diverse selection of unique perfume from Base Note Studio, candles from The Wax Can and greeting cards from Sparkles & Joy that will make your visit to Hong Kong more memorable. 

Whether you're searching for the perfect accessory or a thoughtful souvenir, our shop has something special in store for you.
For those who adore high-quality, sustainable, and versatile dresses that can take you from day to night and through every season, Anaphe is the brand for you.

Anaphe is more than just a clothing line – it's a label dedicated to making you feel uplifted and comfortable with their luxurious yet versatile designs. 
Invest in timeless pieces that will elevate your wardrobe.
Looking to escape the mundane and discover something fresh? Check out B'in Select, a lifestyle store with focus on design. Their specially curated products, from watches and accessories to stationeries and home decor, are crafted and designed by local brands to provide you with a unique, design-driven experience.

Explore B'in Select for a thoughtfully selected assortment that will invigorate your senses and everyday life.

4. Hiraya Scent & Co. - S412 | 4/F

Hiraya Sent & Co. is a candle brand that's all about the experience. If you're looking for non-toxic, guilt-free candles with blended scents (and made with coconut wax) inspired by memories. Hiraya Scent & Co. will bring you a sense of calm and happiness.

For a fun activity with loved pones or to try something new, check out their candle making classes.(Just be sure to check their Instagram / Website for the latest schedules before visiting!)

5. Jessy Coffee - H105 | 1/F

Coffee lover, matcha fan or bagel connoisseur – Jessy Coffee has you covered. This premium cafe offers an all-day breakfast and brunch menu, featuring their renowned avocado bagels and beloved matcha creations. But it's not just the food that makes Jessy Coffee a must-visit; the airy, picturesque venue provides the perfect backdrop for a relaxing, Instagram-worthy meal.

Whether you're craving an expertly crafted coffee or simply seeking a moment of tranquility, Jessy Coffee delivers an elevated experience in every sip and bite.

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