What really is 14K Gold Filled?

What really is 14K Gold Filled?

Is it karat gold? Is it gold plated? Is it Silver? What is it?

In Studdedheartz, a lot of our products are made with 14K gold filled materials. As this is a relatively new material compared with the traditional 925 sterling silver and karat gold. We will explain in-depth here what really is 14KGF!

Contrary to what the name implies, gold-filled is a layer of gold coating on the outside of a base metal. Gold Filled often starts as a brass sheet or wire then a thick layer {5% or more of total weight, while plated pieces are often less than 1%} of at least 10K gold is then bonded to the brass base with extreme heat and pressure. At Studdedheartz, we use 14K! This process doesn’t just create a layer that sits on top of the base, it fuses the two layers making it incredibly durable. This substantial layer of gold is what keeps your piece tarnish and chip resistant. With proper care, gold filled jewelry can last for years to come! 

14K gold filled VS 14K gold plated

For more information about our materials, see our post HERE.

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